12 places to fish around Nipigon

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1. Red Rock Marina features a maintained concrete boat launch and docks. Lake trout and deeper water species can easily be caught in spring and fall off the ends of the breakwater. The shallows to the west provide some great pike fishing and there’s even a spring rainbow run up the small creeks around Red Rock.

2. Stillwater creek provides a relatively easily accessed rainbow run in the spring (Rainbow tend to run in all small creeks in the area).

3. In the Nipigon River, under the bridge and just downstream (upstream is the famed fish sanctuary – Gapen’s Pool) provides excellent Lake Trout and whatever fishing in spring and fall, you never know what you may catch.

4. Nipigon Marina/lagoon provides a multitude of species in the spring time. There are a couple maintained concrete boat launches and ample parking. From jumbo perch in mid-May to rainbows, lake trout and even the occasional salmon. Large pike lurk the shallows and weed beds all year long. August into fall sees the Salmon come into the river. September sees the lake trout come back in numbers as they start they’re spawning runs. The evenings provide quite a show as the Lake Trout will take to jumping out of the water. September into November sees the fall Rainbow run in the river.

5. Just below the first dam in the Nipigon system (Alexander) is a well maintained concrete boat launch which provides direct access to prime Lake Trout, Salmon, Rainbow and occasional Brook Trout fishing as the fish are halted by the dam. During the fall salmon run the river can become full with boats.

6. Jesse Lake has a well maintained gravel boat launch to the south with ample parking. From here you have access to the Upper River and Jesse Lake. This is Brook Trout territory. The Eastern arm provides lots of rocks and cover, fishing close to shore you are guaranteed some great Brook Trout action. Trolling a little deeper can yield some great Lake Trout as well as the occasional giant whitefish.

7. Jesse Lake Narrows also has some great Lake Trout trolling/casting with ample small rocks/islands allowing for great Brook trout action.

8. Where Male Lake creek(s) flow into Jesse is a hotspot for spring smelting, ice fishing and in the spring/fall comes a great place for Brook Trout.

9. Split Rocks in the main river (well any structure in the river) is the start of the prime Brook Trout fishing habitat.

10. Just below the Pine Portage dam in the shallow/current and rocky outcrops become a hotbed of Brook Trout fishing in spring until mid June.

11. Cox Lake has an unmaintained boat launch and hosts smallmouth bass and Pike.

12. “Little Fraser” as it’s known locally is a great place for a canoe fishing trip, between two dams it provides some good brook trout fishing as well as the occasional walleye if you know where to find them.

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