12 places to fish around Nipigon

Discover 12 Exclusive Fishing Locales Near Nipigon for an Unforgettable Angling Experience

Nestled in the heart of Ontario, Canada, Nipigon is a fantastic destination for fishing enthusiasts. With numerous prime fishing spots to choose from, you’ll never be bored. In this article, we will explore 12 of the best fishing locales in the Nipigon area, each offering unique and exciting angling opportunities.

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1. Red Rock Marina: A Well-Maintained Launchpad for Deep-Water Fishing (Shore and Boat)

At Red Rock Marina, you’ll find an impeccably maintained concrete boat launch and moorings. Spring and autumn are perfect for reeling in lake trout and other deep-water species off the breakwater’s extremities. The shallower western zones provide excellent pike angling, and you might even catch a spring rainbow run in the nearby diminutive creeks surrounding Red Rock.

2. Stillwater Creek: Easy-to-Reach Rainbow Trout Hotspot (Shore)

Stillwater Creek is a comparatively easy-to-reach rainbow run during springtime. Remember that rainbows are known to frequent all smaller streams in the vicinity.

3. Nipigon River: Extraordinary Fishing Opportunities Beneath the Bridge (Shore)

Located beneath the bridge and slightly downstream in the Nipigon River (with the renowned fish sanctuary, Gapen’s Pool, situated upstream), you’ll find a great spot for catching lake trout and other aquatic life in spring and autumn. Anticipate the unexpected!

4. Nipigon Marina/Lagoon: A Fishing Paradise with Diverse Species (Shore and Boat)

Teeming with diverse species during spring, Nipigon Marina/Lagoon boasts dual well-maintained concrete boat launches and abundant parking: rainbows, lake trout, and occasional salmon sightings. Sizeable pike prowl the shallows and submerged vegetation year-round. August and beyond herald the salmon’s arrival into the river, followed by lake trout in September as they commence their spawning runs. Evening displays of lake trout leaping from the water are not uncommon. The fall rainbow run in the river occurs from September to November.

5. Alexander Dam: Prime Fishing for Lake Trout, Salmon, and Rainbow Trout (Shore and Boat)

Directly below the first dam in the Nipigon system (Alexander) is a splendidly preserved concrete boat launch, granting immediate access to prime fishing for lake trout, salmon, rainbow, and the sporadic brook trout, as the dam halts them. During the fall salmon run, the river can become congested with boats.

6. Jesse Lake: A Brook Trout Territory with Abundant Cover (Boat)

Jesse Lake features a well-kept gravel boat launch to the south and ample parking. From here, anglers can access the Upper River and Jesse Lake—prime brook trout territory. The eastern arm offers abundant rocks and cover, guaranteeing superb brook trout action when fishing near the shoreline. Delving deeper through trolling may yield impressive lake trout catches and the occasional huge whitefish.

7. Jesse Lake Narrows: A Prime Location for Lake Trout Trolling and Casting (Boat)

Jesse Lake Narrows also provides excellent opportunities for lake trout trolling/casting, with numerous small rocks/islands facilitating outstanding brook trout action.

8. Male Lake Creek(s) Confluence: A Hotspot for Spring Smelting and Ice Fishing (Shore and Ice)

The confluence of Male Lake Creek (s) and Jesse constitutes a hotspot for spring smelting, ice fishing, and exceptional brook trout angling during spring/fall seasons.

9. Split Rocks: The Onset of Prime Brook Trout Fishing Habitat (Boat)

Split Rocks in the main river (or any structure within the river) marks the onset of prime brook trout fishing habitat.

10. Pine Portage Dam: A Brook Trout Angling Haven (Boat)

Directly below the Pine Portage Dam, shallow currents and rocky protrusions transform into a brook trout angling haven from spring until mid-June. Get ready for a fantastic fishing experience surrounded by stunning scenery.

11. Cox Lake: A Home to Smallmouth Bass and Pike (Boat)

Cox Lake possesses an unmaintained boat launch and is home to smallmouth bass and pike. In addition, this rustic locale offers a more secluded fishing experience, making it a perfect spot for anglers looking to escape the crowds.

12. Little Fraser: A Canoe Fishing Excursion Destination (Shore and Boat)

Locally known as “Little Fraser,” this area is an idyllic destination for canoe fishing excursions. Situated between two dams, it offers excellent brook trout angling and the occasional walleye for those with keen eyes. Paddle through the serene waters and enjoy a peaceful day of fishing.


You’ll always have exciting angling opportunities with 12 exclusive fishing locales near Nipigon. From deep-water species at Red Rock Marina to canoe fishing adventures at Little Fraser, Nipigon offers a diverse range of environments for every fishing enthusiast. So pack your gear, pick a spot, and enjoy an unforgettable fishing experience in the heart of Ontario.

Page Description: Discover 12 exclusive fishing locales near Nipigon, Ontario, for an unforgettable angling experience. Explore diverse environments, from deep-water fishing at Red Rock Marina to canoe fishing at Little Fraser.

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