The information on these maps was derived from digital databases provided from the Government of Canada as well as generated data from GH Services. Care was taken in the creation of this map. GH Services cannot accept any responsibility for errors, omissions, or positional accuracy.  Not all roads or trails may be shown or named. Some roads or trails may be private or incomplete. Forest and bathymetry boundaries are generalized.
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Downloadable self printing maps

Downloadable maps will only be made available in the store for a small fee to help fund the production and updating of new maps. 

To date over 5000 maps have been downloaded for free however I do need to support myself. Most maps will be set at $2.50 each (unlimited downloads) and I will make some available for free from time to time.

In addition, ALL maps will continue to be free downloads for paying members at $15/year.

Maps are also available at Nipigon River Bait Tackle in Nipigon as well as other regional locations.