Boobus-Hartley-Bathymetry-Map- DIGITAL




Fishing Zone: 7
Due to discrepancies in map labelling, these lakes may be misreported as each other. Original
bathymetry maps indicate Boobus to be Hartley and Hartley to be Boobas. Current topographical
data sets list them as labelled.
Coordinates (access point): Lat. 49.473103°, Lon. -87.152607°
Access: 28km south on Goldfields road (south off highway 11, 4.7 km west of Geraldton Turn off).
Unmaintained boatlaunch just off Goldfields road.
Stocking History:
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Hartley 7000 2000 1500 2080 2000
Boobus 3000 3993 3999 7936 4000


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