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Looking for travel information for the Nipigon area? You have landed in the right spot. The Nipigon River and region has a long history as a major fur-trading route and later as a world-class Brook Trout River. Today, the Nipigon River has three hydro-electric dams and the area has become an outdoors adventure destination the world over. We offer pristine boreal forest with all the amenities you are accustomed to.

The guidebook is 40 pages of everything you need to plan your trip to the area. From the business directory to side trips, hiking trails, things to see and do and some local advice on what we have to offer.

  • 40 Pages (8" by 10")
  • Glossy paper with heavy stock cover
  • Hiking Trail maps
  • Detailed information for Hiking, Fishing, exploring
  • Business directory of all local businesses
  • Local and regional amenity information and maps
  • What to do and things to see
  • History
  • Geological information



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