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A collection of outdoors related articles from Northwest Ontario and maybe some from beyond. 

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Nipigon area Map series - four maps covering the entire Nipigon system. Call: (807) 889-0707Email: [email protected]: 21 second street, Nipigon Ontario    Members area holds an extensive map and resource library with free downloads and more.  ...

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I have been busily reworking and rebuilding the most popular maps in the collection, as well as expanding the maps on the site to cover more ground. To make ease of it all I have had to re-organize and devise a new map making plan and to universalize the maps in the collection. 


The stocking program in Northwest Ontario has been around for decades, in some cases it is designed to help re-introduce depleted species, in others it is to introduce new sport fishing opportunities.

12 places to fish around Nipigon

The Nipigon system encompasses hundreds of square miles of fishable lakes, rivers and creeks. We list twelve of the local fishing hotspots including some from shore and some you need a boat for. There are many more for you to find as well.

The Lobster Mushroom

Not truly a mushroom as the lobster mushrooms are formed from another edible,lest tasty mushroom when it becomes infected with a mold which then turns it red, gives it the seafood aroma and increases the taste. There has never been a recorded incident of the mold attacking a non-edible species of mushroom.

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