Experience the Thrill of Stocked Lakes Fishing in Northwest Ontario

Discover the excitement of fishing in stocked lakes throughout Northwest Ontario, where bountiful waters offer exceptional angling opportunities for all skill levels. These put-and-take lakes are carefully managed and stocked to ensure a sustainable fishing experience, providing anglers with the chance to reel in impressive catches without impacting natural populations.

Stocked Lakes of Northwest Ontario are found under “Additional opportunities” in your fish regulation book. These are smaller lakes that are stocked on a regular basis with either Brook Trout, Splake or Rainbow Trout. The stocked lakes have no size restrictions and a limit of five with no closed season.

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Stocked Lakes

Stocked Lakes of NW Ontario

  • Open All year
  • No pressure on wild stocks
  • Fish grow in wild conditions
  • Nipigon Strain Brook Trout , Splake and Rainbow Trout
  • Small accessible Lakes
  • Continually stocked

Dorion Stocked Lakes

Nipigon area stocked lakes

Dorion Stocked Lakes

Dorion Stocked Lakes

Stocked lakes are designed as put and take lakes. This means they stock them with the assumption fisher people will come, catch their fish and maybe have a nice meal without risking “natural” populations.

Some stocked lakes are easy to get to, some you can drive right to. Others may require a short walk on a trail/old logging road. Still, other lakes may be nearly inaccessible at certain times of the year.
The easier a lake is to get to, the more likely you are competing with others.

Nightcrawlers, spinners and floats are a necessity for shore fishing.
Most of the lakes are fished from shore, however, if you can get a boat/canoe in, the fishing can heat up.
Two to five-pound trout are not uncommon.
Take a net. No really take a net.

Locally stocked fish are raised in the Dorion fish hatchery located in Dorion just west of Nipigon, on Fish Hatchery Road (go figure).

Stockings typically take place in spring or late fall (or both) with fingerling sized fish. Some lakes are stocked with much larger brood stock in the 2-5lb range.

A fingerling Brook Trout has a life span of approximately seven years when they can reach weights in the 7-10lb range (splake grow faster reaching this size in 4-5 years). Always keep this in mind when looking at stockings as the stockings from 3-5 years ago provide the best angling opportunities.

The Dorion Fish Hatchery
– Free Tours

Tours available weekdays, call ahead of time @ (807) 857-2322. Plan on spending a couple of hours in the area.

See all aspects of The Dorion Fish Culture Station and all stages of the 600,000+ fish the station stocks in local lakes every year, from eggs to large adult fish.
See all life stages of Lake Trout, Brook Trout and more.

How to get there.
33km west of Nipigon along Highway 11/17. Turn North onto Fish Hatchery Road. Travel for 6.5km. There will be signs.

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